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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep


   The Canadian Rocky Mountains are home to a variety of animals.  In summer 2003, we were able to catch glimpses of elk, bighorn sheep, and even a mother bear and her cubs, as well as some of the 'tame' side of wildlife - chipmunks, deer, and squirrels.  Banff National Park lies at the juncture of five mountain valleys, each valley serving as a wildlife corridor.  The result is an assortment of animals unlike any place else in the Rockies.

  One of our favorite drives in Banff National Park is the Lake Minnewanka Loop, home to many Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.  Yes, I know these sheep look like goats - it took a while to convince us as well.  Mountain goats have long, white fur and live on the mountain crests.  Bighorn sheep are brown , have remarkable amber eyes,  and live lower in the valley areas.  And look like goats until their horns curl properly.

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