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Rhein in Flammen (Rhine in Flames) is the major fireworks display along the Rhine River, held five times each year in selected locations.  Realizing that we would be in Germany, I thought it only reasonable we should go.  After all, what would be more wonderful than fireworks blazing above castles?  Well, eventually (once we were there...), I realized that there are no castles in the Bonn area - most of them are farther south along the Rhine.  But, still, fireworks over the Rhine River!

We drove to Bonn on Friday, spending the evening wandering around and exploring the countryside, only a little lost.  It turns out the the weekend of May 1 was very important for many reasons: the expansion of the EU, cause enough for celebration; the Rhein in Flammen, when many towns hold their annual fairs; and May 1 itself, which is Labor Day.  Germans seem to be happy with any reason to celebrate, so we had lots of fun wandering through some of the local fairs.


The gardens outside our hotel in Bonn


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