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Good Friday and Easter Monday are both federal holidays in Germany, so we took advantage of this extra long weekend and traipsed around the northern part of the country, visiting places both recommended to us by friends and our handy tour guide.  Our first day trip was to Lübeck, a city of approximately 213,000 (according to our guide book), and is about 60 km (36 miles) northeast of Hamburg.  If you take the main roads.  Since everything is an adventure to us anyway, we don't always take the main roads - and we didn't on our way to Lübeck.  One of my favorite things to do at home is roam around the countryside, looking for cows and such.  Germany has absolutely wonderful countrysides, and although we didn't see many cows, we did come across a couple sheep.  Things are just starting to green up here, and the dark earth makes the grass seem even brighter. Anyway, I enjoyed our adventure to Lübeck, and Russell enjoyed taking the main road back to Hamburg.

Lübeck was one of the cities recommended to us by friends even before we left home.  Apparently, the city has quite a fine reputation for chocolate and marzipan.  We can now report that there is indeed wonderful dark chocolate in Germany, and if you like marzipan, there's lots of it, too.  The story behind marzipan is that the Lübeckers ran out of flour during a medieval siege, and resorted to ground almonds for baking purposes.  And ta-da! marzipan was born.  It actually has a cherry-flavor to it, and is sculpted into intricately beautiful shapes, but I still prefer my dark chocolate.

While in town, we toured through the Dom (cathedral), wandered around town and through the Holstentor gate, and then took an elevator to the top of the tower of the Petrikirche (St. Peter's Church) to take in the view of the surrounding area.



Our first view of scenic Lubeck was across a canal, which circles the Old Town.





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