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The weekend of April 25 - 26, we decided to stay in the Hamburg area.  Although we (I) originally thought we might take a couple day trips to the surrounding towns, Russ thought it would be really nice to have a day without driving. (For those of you who haven't heard, our car has a standard transmission, so I can't drive anywhere.  The rental agency is still looking, but it's been 4 weeks...)  Saturday morning found us heading north (very thankful we weren't heading south through the standstill traffic), towards Lübeck.  When we were there earlier, there were a number of things we didn't get to see, most notably the Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church).  Although the forecast was for light clouds mixed with sun, during the whole trip north, the sky looked like it was going to open up and rain.  We decided someone must be looking after us, because minutes after we parked the car *, blue sky appeared - not all over, but enough to let some sunlight in. 

The Marienkirche is indeed pretty, but not quite as spectacular as I had hoped.  I realized why as I wandered around, looking at the stained glass and sculptures.... the Marienkirche was almost destroyed in WWII bombing.  There were pictures of the church with a gaping hole where the steeple had been, and the church was missing its roof, open to the sky above.  In fact, the bells now lie where they fell.  The next chapel had brightly colored stained-glass windows, but not the ornate biblical patterns I had come to expect.  These were outlined in bright red, with some kind of twisted mesh portrayed across the windows.  I then realized the windows were portraying the destruction of the original stained glass - the metal framework which holds the glass in place all warped and twisted by the flames.  The stained glass in the rest of the church - which has been painstakingly restored - was also unusual - lots of bright colors in abstract patterns, many scenes with skulls - not quite my taste (which is why you won't find any pictures of them here).


The Hauptbahnhof (train station) of Lubeck



*This would be after parking the car to wander through the Aldstadt, not parking the car to go shopping for computer gizmos at the electronics store we also found in town.  It was still very cloudy then.

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